D G Jones Banks Peninsula Trotting Cup - Roll of Honour

The late Derek G Jones had an impact on the New Zealand harness racing industry, like no other.

Amongst the 1000 plus horses he trained to win, were such outstanding horses as “Soangetaha”, “Rewa Scott” , “Hands Down” and who could forget that wonderful mare “Blossom Lady”.

He had a close affinity with the Banks Peninsula Trotting Club being the President from 1994 to 1997.

Apart from his success as a trainer, driver and administrator Derek is remembered as much for his charismatic personality, humour and genuine interest in others.

Being the father of Peter Jones and grandfather of Mark Jones and Tim and Anthony Butt, his substantial impact on the industry is ensured for many generations to come.

Such was Derek’s contribution to harness racing in general and to this Club in particular, it is only fitting that his name be attached to the Club’s most prestigious race.

Year Distance Horse Hcap Owner Driver


2019 2810 Habibi Inta 10m Julie Maghzal Blair Orange 3-41.6
2018 2810 Destiny Jones Fr J S Gould, D R Hunter, K Poynter Samantha Ottley 3-46.4
2017 2810 Habibti Ivy 10m Julie Maghzal Blair Orange 3-44.2
2016 2810 Harrysul 10m K R Gardner, R J Shaw Ricky May 3-41.4
2015 2810 Zachary Binx Fr K B Ford, Mrs A J Tomlinson Amanda Tomlinson 4-09.1
2014 2810 Clover Don 10m G K Stevenson, Mrs J A Stevenson Robbie Holmes 3-40.7
2013 2810 Jaccka Justy Fr C F Smaill, Mrs A G Smaill Jonny Cox 3-54.7
2012 2810 I Can Doosit 25m Breckon Racing Syndicate Mark Purdon 3-42.4
2011 2810 Vulcan Fr Mrs J A Butt, D J McKenzie Anthony Butt 3-37.5
2010 2810 Springbank Richard 20m R A Smith, Mrs D J Smith Nathan Williamson 3-36.0
2009 2810 Springbank Richard 10m R A Smith, Mrs D J Smith Nathan Williamson 3-45.4
2008 2810 Midnight Invasion Fr K B Ford, Mrs A J Tomlinson Blair Orange 3-48.9
2007 2810 Power In Motion Fr F E Wall Ricky May 3-51.1
2006 2785 Play On 10m P R Lamb Craig Thornley 3-48.9
2005 2785 Paris Metro Fr R W Hammon, J S Burdis, W D Kirkwood,
J R Melrose, K G Jones, R J Hicks
Colin DeFilippi 3-43.6
2004 2800 Zirinovsky Fr S L McCaffrey, B I Candy, P B Ryan, C D Moore,
R G Armstrong
Peter Davis 3-54.4
2003 2800 Call You Later Fr Red And White Syndicate, R G H Thomson,
G J Nairn, P C Nairn
Paul Nairn 3-57.2
2002 2800 Call You Later Fr Red And White Syndicate, R G H Thomson,
G J Nairn, P C Nairn
David Butt 3-47.0
2001 2800 Major Decision 10m J J Clementson, Mrs R B Clementson Ken Barron 3-45.0
2000 2800 Lyell Creek 30m A M Butt, G A V Bruton Anthony Butt 3-46.3
1999 2800 Lyell Creek Fr G A V Bruton Anthony Butt 3-42.2
1998 2800 Andrew Eyre 10m M C Bailey Mark Jones 3-48.2
1997 2800 Holdonmyheart 30m Mrs R L McKay, C L McKay Clark Barron 3-46.5
1996 2800 Chiola Reb 30m K J Pratt, Mrs L W Pratt, T A Craddock Colin DeFilippi 3-43.7
1995 2800 Eastburn Grant 30m L A Barnett Ken Barron 3-49.0
1994 2800 Call Me Now 20m G J Nairn, P C Nairn, Mrs H H Pope,
R G H Thomson
David Butt 3-54.1
1993 2800 Game Paul 35m R D Swift, Mrs M D Willmott Jack Smolenski 3-46.3
1992 2800 Hickory Stick 20m J D McIlraith, B M McIlraith Anthony Butt 3-47.9
1991 2800 Guardian Angel 20m P D Hadfield, Mrs J M Hadfield Mike DeFilippi 3-43.2
1990 2800 Sundon 30m Sir Roy McKenzie Peter Jones 3-44.6
1989 2800 Joe Junior 30m R G Purvis Peter Jones 3-45.7
1988 2800 Lucky Tesp Fr T C Mugford, Mrs S R Mugford Bob Nyhan 3-46.4
1987 2800 Dancing Armbro Fr G D Garwood, Mrs D M Garwood, L G Garwood, Mrs J L Garwood Kaylene McCormick 3-48.5
1986 2800 Game Command 30m A T Bremner, G T Bremner, D A Peters Ian Cameron 3-51.8
1985 2800 Wedgewood(1981) 10m M F Holmes, B J Wilks Reg Stockdale 3-49.9
1984 2800 Game Command 20m A T Bremner, G T Bremner, D A Peters Ian Cameron 3-47.4
1983 2800 Mister Morn Fr Mrs N M Macaulay, W G Macaulay George Shand 3-50.5
1982 2800 Sir Castleton 20m M S Macpherson Patrick O'Reilly 3-44.7
1981 2800 About Now 10m W J Doyle Doody Townley 3-52.8
1980 2800 Tough Girl Fr F Smith Mike DeFilippi 3-53.2
1979 2800 About Now Fr W J Doyle D D Nyhan 3-49.0
1978 2800 Alias Armbro 20m B W Crofts & G E Pilkington B Gliddon 3-49.5
1977 2600 Western Approach lt R C Day M R DeFilippi 4-00.0
1976 2800 Nigel Craig 20m W L & B L Heron B L Heron 3-51.8
1975 2800 Waipounamu 10m G E Sutherland J A Carmichael 3-56.4
1974 2800 Jillinda 10m A R Idien S M Miller 4-06.0
1973 2800 Edis Nova   F L Holmes & L O Wheelers F L Holmes 3-51.0
1972 1 3/4m Marius   J C Nordqvist J C Nordqvist 3-54..4
1971 1 3/4m Going 12yds W J Doyle D J Townley 3-48.8
1970 1 3/4m Merrin   Mrs I & R C Day R Young 3-51.2
1969 1m 5f Light View   C E Hunt D G Jones 3-38.8
1968 1 1/2m Johnny Gee 18yds W R Butt W R Butt 3-17.4
1967 1 1/2m Stylish Major   N Campbell K Balloch 3-17.8
1966 1 1/2m Tronso   C R Berlett J A Carmichael 3-20.4
1965 1 1/2m When 30yds W J Doyle W J Doyle 3-15.0